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Looking for the ideal packaging solution? Our Cardboard box 800x500x350 mm Is exactly what you need. This box is not only sturdy and reliable, but also designed with a view to durability and ease of use.

With a format of 800x500x350 mm And a thickness of 7mm BC golf, this cardboard box offers sufficient space and protection for various products, from household items to office supplies and more.

  • Firmness: Made from high -quality cardboard, this box guarantees a safe shipping and storage of your products.
  • Fashion model: As an American folding box with the Fefco 0201 model code, this cardboard box is easy to set up and close.
  • Closure: Thanks to the 4 surfaces on the top and bottoms, the box can easily be closed with tape, which ensures extra safety during transport.
  • Sustainability: Our cardboard box 800x500x350 mm is not only fully recyclable, but also FSC certified, which means that it comes from responsibly managed forests.

Whether you run an e-commerce company or are just looking for a reliable packaging solution for personal use, our Cardboard box 800x500x350 mm is the perfect choice. For printed boxes or other specific wishes, Feel free to contact us.

Sturdy brown cardboard box 800x500x350 mm - 7 mm BC golf

Sturdy brown cardboard box 800x500x350 mm - 7 mm BC golf

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