Where to buy cardboard boxes?

Buy cardboard boxes with a discount at a packaging discounter

Packaging Discounter can supply small and large amounts of cardboard boxes. We can offer very interesting discounts for such large runs, so you pay a low price per box. Such rising discounts are of course only interesting if you also want to use a large number of boxes, but in addition to these discounts, we also know how to calculate competitive prices in other ways. Because we are a cardboard producer, you always have the lowest price with us. We offer the cheapest available boxes, to a large extent directly from our own extensive stock. These usually arrive within 24 hours. Order directly online and receive them at home as soon as possible! In addition to boxes, you can also order filling materials, protection materials, packaging materials and other supplies for packaging in one go.

Price comparison of cardboard boxes
It goes without saying that the price is one of the factors that you should take into account when choosing the right box. A good price-quality ratio and the certainty that the price of what you order is stable and is not going up quickly is of course a good thing. Packaging Discounter thinks along with entrepreneurs and offers competitive prices for strong products. The price of the box largely depends on the price of the cardboard used. Thick corrugated cardboard consists of several layers and is of course more expensive than thin corrugated cardboard. We notice that entrepreneurs tend to choose very thick cardboard for boxes that don't really have to be that strong: thinner cardboard is also very strong and even the best for many applications.

Dimensions cardboard box
Double golf cardboard consists of three layers of paper and two layers of corrugated cardboard. These boxes are suitable for sending light and heavy goods (up to around 30-40 kg), but also for fragile and unbreakable goods. Due to the structure of the cardboard (paper layer, corrugated cardboard layer, paper layer, corrugated cardboard layer, paper layer), these boxes offer good protection and can carry a lot of weight. American folding boxes are foldable boxes of single or double golf cardboard. These cardboard folding boxes always have four flaps that can be folded on the top and bottom. Cardboard boxes are designed to be simple and economic, but at the same time effective and cost -effective.

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Kartonnen doos 100x100x160 mm - 4mm C-golf

American fold

Our American folding boxes are easy to order via the web.

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