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The ultimate guide for cardboard in Amsterdam

If you live in Amsterdam and are looking for cardboard, then you've come to the right place. Whether you want to buy cardboard, return, or have it picked up, we have the solution for you. In this blog post we give you all the information you need about cardboard in Amsterdam.

Buy cardboard in Amsterdam

At Packaging Discounter we have a wide range of cardboard products. Whether you are looking for cardboard boxes, packing material, or special cardboard to print, we have it all. And the best? You can order it all online and we deliver it to your home in Amsterdam.

Hand in cardboard in Amsterdam

Do you have too much cardboard and don't you know where you can get rid of it? No worries, you can hand in your cardboard with us. We ensure that it is processed in an environmentally friendly way.

Pick up cardboard in Amsterdam

No time to hand in your cardboard? We can also pick it up at your home. Whether you live in Amsterdam Center, Amsterdam South, or Amsterdam Zuidoost, we come to you. Contact us for our collection service.

Cardboard and the municipality of Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam has specific rules for throwing away cardboard. We can help you to comply with these rules and ensure that your cardboard is removed correctly. Read more about the benefits of Cardboard packaging on our website.


Cardboard is an essential part of our daily life in Amsterdam. Whether you need it for packaging, printing, or just to get rid of, Packaging Discounter is your one-stop shop for all your cardboard needs in Amsterdam.

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