Pick out the suitable American folding box

Choose a folding box that suits you best

To better tailor the packaging to your products, you can opt for a customized box. The box is tailor -made according to the dimensions of your product. In this way you can ensure that your products arrive in the relevant destination in a responsible manner. There is also the possibility to print folding boxes, are you curious about the possibilities? Then contact us.

If you are looking for a strong, narrow cardboard box, then boxes of flaps are ideal! With standard folding boxes, the narrow flaps are difficult to glue or glue. The narrow version with overlapping flaps is super easy to close without hassle or tricks. You can safely transport heavier products on the closed side with this sturdy container with valves on the top and bottom.


Think of the length, width, height and wave thickness of the folding box

By means of the filters on the left of the product pages you can determine which length, width and height dimensions you need and appears in the overview The box that fits when packaging your product appears.


Also take into account what the delivery time of the cardboard box should be

If you order a customized box on our website, the delivery time is always 3 to 4 weeks. If you opt for a standard stock item, the delivery time is always a maximum of 3 working days. You can click these filters on the left of the overview pages. 

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Kartonnen doos 100x100x160 mm - 4mm C-golf

American fold

Our American folding boxes are easy to order via the web.

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