How to make customized boxes your shipping process can make more efficient

An efficient logistics current is of vital importance for every company that sends products. At Packaging Discounter we understand the importance of an efficient shipping process and we therefore offer customized boxes that are specifically designed to optimize your logistics electricity.

Tailor -made boxes are specifically designed to perfectly fit your products, resulting in less wastage material and a higher efficiency of the packaging process. This can drastically reduce shipping costs, which has a direct impact on the profit of your company.

At Packaging Discounter we offer various options for tailor -made boxes, including cardboard and corrugated cardboard boxes. In addition, we also offer tailor -made printed boxes that can help build the brand awareness and professionalism of your company.

Our expert employees can help you choose the right tailor -made boxes for your specific shipping needs and can advise you on how you can further optimize your shipping process.

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Kartonnen doos 100x100x160 mm - 4mm C-golf

American fold

Our American folding boxes are easy to order via the web.

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