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View our extensive range directly! For the purchase of boxes for your company, you have come to the right place. Bee Can you get out of our big Product Range Exactly order the box you need. Our customers usually buy boxes to pack or ship their products in a professional, well -protected way. Do you want that too? To professionally pack or send your products, your company also chooses to buy cardboard boxes. You can order the size of the box that you want to buy from 75 pieces. Our competitively priced boxes become even more attractive when you order them in bulk. You save up to 20% on the entire order! In Bulk you will receive up to 60% scale discount, with considerably lower unit prices. It is also possible to have it printed. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities by calling the telephone number 020-21 01 486. Thanks to our large stock you will quickly receive the box after buying! Not only has a large assortment of cardboard boxes, but also offer these cardboard boxes against Scherpen prices. In addition to that Offering cheap cardboard boxes, they also offer used cardboard boxes. These boxes are still perfectly capable of being used again. In addition, these used cardboard boxes are besides that they are super sustainable also a very cheap.

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Affordable and quick cardboard boxes of the house of the best quality corrugated cardboard? Then you have to take are. Are you ordering your cardboard box today before 4 p.m. Then we will ship your order the same working day. Do you want to buy cardboard boxes and have them the same day? Then pick up your products (if in stock) in our distribution center in Amsterdam or main drop. We have a large assortment with an enormous amount of packaging material, so we always have a type of box that you are looking for. Do you buy a large amount at once? Then you benefit from our attractive scale prices. To put together your own box, you don't have to be a box tribe. With us you simply do that yourself. Choose your model box and specify your sizes in our calculation module.
Check the color of your boxes, pass on the numbers and within a few minutes you have ordered your own tailor -made boxes. With a tailor-made valve box you increase the recognizable and fame of your organization. This can give the image of your company a big boost. Does this seem like something to you and you are therefore interested in the services of Feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your wishes with you, so that we can offer you a customized solution. The online store for packaging materials
Falling under CSN Group for more than 50 years supplier of packaging materials.

In addition to (cardboard) boxes, discover our other offer as a packaging wholesaler, something for every industry, something for everyone. Over the years our offer has been considerably developed, which has always remained central is the customer. We stand for trust and customer focus and are happy to think along with you. So please contact us for customized solutions and all your questions: 020-21 01 486 Packaging Discounter is the number 1 total suppliers for e-commerce. Whether you are looking for cardboard, tape, wrapper oil or is different, we have it! Thanks to our large stocks, we can always deliver our customers at the best prices enormously fast. In 1972 Packaging Discounter started in trading large amounts of cardboard. When the e-commerce rise, more and more customers have been looking for smaller amounts of cardboard. Packaging Discounter is the perfect partner for both the customer who is looking for 20 boxes and the customer who is looking for 10,000 boxes. We try to make every order with care and to deliver to the customer as quickly as possible. 

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Kartonnen doos 100x100x160 mm - 4mm C-golf

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