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Large cardboard boxes can be ordered and printed printed at PackagingdiscounterNL
We print boxes from 1 piece. We print the boxes in full color. For many companies we are the familiar address for fast and cheap delivery of customized cardboard boxes. We supply customized boxes for web stores, production centers, clothing stores and individuals. We also regularly make boxes for supermarkets and food producers. Our big boxes have appeared on different film discs. With the cardboard boxes from you can make very cheaply beautiful sets. Quantity of 1 st, 5 pieces or 10 pieces is no problem.
Large cardboard boxes can be purchased at
Supermarket stocks, especially fresh products, are sent in cardboard boxes. Ask your local supermarket if they have large cardboard boxes that you can use. If you bring their boxes, they have to throw away less, so everyone is happy! Need a lot of big boxes? Bee You can buy large boxes in different qualities, sizes, shapes and colors, with or without printing. Most boxes even fall within our standard range. Because we offer our boxes online, you can order what you need directly through our website. Small numbers or large numbers, no bridge is too far for us.

Packagingdiscounternl for 50 years percent of large cardboard boxes
However, there are enough companies that generally do not need a small box. This includes exporters, wholesalers, removal companies, transporters, factories and web shops that sell large or heavy products such as vacuum cleaners, tools, lawn mowers or tubes. The big boxes that we selected for these customers made the difference. The largest XL box that we have fits on a pallet. These boxes do not necessarily have to be of good quality, it naturally depends on the content. Moving is an expensive affair due to all costs of brokers, notaries and removal companies. 

Kartonnen dozen in groten afmetingen kopen - Packaging Discounter B.V.
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Kartonnen doos 100x100x160 mm - 4mm C-golf

American fold

Our American folding boxes are easy to order via the web.

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